Sylvie H A M O U

Colour my world...

with endless creativity

Colour, structured creativity, modernity 
and the quest for harmony
balance and peaceful emotions.
Personality and vitality...

A breath of fresh air, the crossing of artistic
styles. Reinterpretation, innovation and the inevitable
convergence of decor and design
Balance and contrast best describe the bold contemporary artworks of Sylvie HamouJust as linguists play with words, her graphic constructions present a dynamic dialogue between colours, lines and spheres, at times enhanced by textures derived from plaster, sand and natural fibres. Simple aesthetics and equilibrium are the backbone of her creativity, while dot work inspired by Antipodean artistic techniques contributes softness and texture to her confidently abstract application of acrylic on to canvas. By confronting curvaceous elements with strict structures she unexpectedly creates a mood of vibrancy, matched with intrinsic peace. Both her Antipodean-influenced and urban-design paintings prompt interpretation and become a fascinating starting point to trigger one's own imagination. In her own words, " I want my artwork to have a stand-alone personality and to release positive energy. In this somewhat crazy, stressed-out world, my greatest pleasure is to hear that my work is appreciated for its innovative, contemporary style that is serene and optimistic. Just how life should be!"

Sylvie Hamou grew up in New Zealand with her French mother and Swiss father. As an adult she spent a long period living in France and now calls Geneva /Switzerland her home.  "My quest for visual  coherence and careful colour composition are linked to my strong passion for design and interior decorating".

At home in my atelier in Geneva...
getting ready,
for the next show.                               

in the heart of the Geneva old town, (Switzerland)next to other prestigious galleries.

25 Grand-Rue, 1204 Geneva

I will have numerous exhibitions throughout the year and also make the gallery space available to contemporary artists who would like to exhibit in Geneva. 
Please make contact via this site or

Art can save the world

        Art makes everything possible

Every artist's dream is to have his own gallery or work studio. Mine has become a reality and I am proud and extremely lucky to have found a beautiful gallery space in the heart of the Geneva (Switzerland) old quarter. Located in the main pedestrian cobblestoned street Grand-rue 25, this wonderful gallery that I named STUDIO ART UNLIMITED is where I have an ongoing exhibition throughout different periods of the year. I also make the space available to other artists to ensure the gallery offers a varied and stimulating selection of contemporary artworks to collectors and gallery visitors alike. The gallery is nestled in between other prestigious art galleries of the old town and offers exhibition space of approximately 90sq. meters on 2 floors. Street-level has two distinct spaces and an impressive staircase takes you down to the basement level with another 3 wonderful areas featuring typical vaulted ceilings and a wrought-iron gate that alone are a must-see in this historical medieval building.

a duo artist exhibition
June, July, August 2019
Sculptures by Luisa Rampon
Paintings by Sylvie Hamou
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